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Free Tool Available! Our ad supported, non EHR integrated (freestanding) tool is available free of charge.


We believe providers are at their best when they have easy and fast access to best practices developed by actual providers, supported by evidence, and fully vetted by the broader community. The Test Appropriate CDSM efficiently supplies best practices and supporting information at the point of care to improve care quality, ease compliance, lessen over AND underutilization, and increase workflow efficiency.


We present interactive appropriate use criteria from leading medical societies and providers to ensure compliance and assist in providing the best, most consistent and safest care possible. Consider adding your own protocols to further refine best practices at your organization.


In addition to eliminating inappropriate tests, the Test Appropriate CDSM supplies comparison cost data before orders are placed to guide clinicians to the most appropriate and most cost effective tests and procedures.


We deliver detailed guidance and other critical information when you need it most to improve team workflow efficiency. Customizable features provide assistance with coding, precise payer pricing, minimize referral leakage and assist with payer pre-authorization and reimbursement.


Appropriate Use Criteria (AUC) in their native form are often lengthy and complex, and moreover, change periodically based on the latest research and technology. As such they are impossible to memorize… and why should you? The Test Appropriate CDSM provides fast, interactive access to AUC with the fewest possible clicks to all but eliminate the chance of inappropriate ordering. Our tool also documents AUC consultation to prove compliance, standardize care and reduce liability exposure because the best defense against mal-practice is best practice.

Cost comparison data is displayed (if desired) before orders are placed to guide clinicians to the best test or procedure, not just an appropriate one. Consider that the ACC’s criteria covering seven common tests used to identify ischemia produce an average of 3.3 tests that are appropriate for any given set of patient conditions. Moreover, 59% of the time these appropriate tests include a test in both the lowest and highest cost ranges (roughly $200 vs $3,000). Our chart studies prove that astronomical rates of return are possible from providers on cost sharing models making only modest improvements in lower cost ordering. Alternately, we know that many useful but expensive tests are not being ordered, when they may be the best appropriate choice. However, clinicians simply don’t have the tools to easily know when those scenarios arise because they are far too complex to memorize and require detailed knowledge of each patient’s history that is often times not present in the EHR.

Appropriate Ordering Before Our Tool0%
Expected Appropriateness Using Our Tool0%
Rate Lowest Cost Appropriate Test Ordered0%
Rate Highest Cost Appropriate Test Ordered0%
EHR Records Deficient to Answer AUC0%

* Calculations based on Test Appropriate chart reviews and applying the ACCF / AHA / ASE / ASNC / HFSA / HRS / SCAI / SCCT / SCMR / STS 2013 Multimodality Appropriate Use Criteria for the Detection and Risk Assessment of Stable Ischemic Heart Disease.

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Leverage Clinical Decision Support

Leverage Clinical Decision Support

Test Appropriate provides integrated, fast decision support for specialist and primary care physicians. We can lower costs and improve care using the latest and most supported criteria, and without wasting your time. Encounters seldom exceed 30 seconds and are usually shorter. Criteria is presented along with helpful, supporting information and references to assist in accurately answering criteria regarding patient conditions. We are integrated with several leading EHRs with more planned or in process. Our easy approach to integration will not tax your overworked IT department and doesn’t require updates with every EHR update.
Cut Costs and Comply

Cut Costs and Comply

A new approach to Medicare patients is now required for nearly every physician. New bundled payment models require reductions in unnecessary and needlessly expensive services if you are to survive and thrive. Furthermore, new CMS rules related to the Protecting Access to Medicare Act require proof of consultation of select Appropriate Use Criteria from approved Clinical Decision Support Mechanisms (CDSM). The Test Appropriate CDSM is one of very few actually approved by CMS. We also improve your bottom line with other work flow efficiencies and equip primary care physicians to order when appropriate rather than just refer.
Address Asset Underutilization

Address Asset Underutilization

With all the pressure to cut costs, has the pendulum swung too far? Our studies and discussions with clinicians would suggest that many of the more invasive and definitive tests are being almost completely avoided, even when they are appropriate and possibly the most appropriate. Numerous studies have been published making the case for when various expensive tests should be used over others. Clinicians cannot possibly memorize every case where these apply, nor do they have the time to review the EHR for all relevant patient history… assuming it’s even there. We can assist in incorporating additional guidance as a supplement to other AUC to address what will likely be the growing issue of underutilization.
Provide Safe Care

Provide Safe Care

Inadequate EHR design, usage and a lack of interoperability mean background CDS solutions usually lack the information needed from the EHR to fully address the AUC, or the history is inconsistent or uninterpretable. Our chart reviews show that’s the case nearly 90% of the time. Background solutions also don’t as readily promote learning nor provide clinicians with a range of choices or supporting information. Our direct question approach guides clinicians to the most cost effective tests where the largest savings are possible and generally, are the safest for patents. However, given the comparatively low cost of our solution, you may choose to employ it with others to give your clinicians every tool needed to provide the best and safest care possible.


Studies show providers spend a considerable amount of staff time and resources to obtain payor or ACO preauthorization. Additionally, coding accuracy remains low and denials, high. Our tool equips your staff to support your preauthorization requests with the correct coding and the backing of an esteemed medical society regarding the appropriateness of your request. Other assistance with preauthorization is on its way! We can also customize test costs by your patients’ payer plan, and suggest only in-network test facilities to lessen leakage. Our goal is help you get the most out of your resources and improve your patients’ experience.
Protect Against Mal-Practice

Protect Against Mal-Practice

Case precedent has established that the best defense against mal-practice is simply best practice. Moreover, its estimated that around $700 billion is spent every year in healthcare on ‘defensive medicine’, making it the single biggest driver of wasteful spending. Equip your providers with the support they need to defend the quality of care they give and alleviate them from having to worry about the legal aspects of care. Evidence-based, medical society criteria is the gold standard of defense and allow you to purse terrific initiatives such as the Triple Aim and Choosing Wisely without legal concern.

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President & CEO

Dr. Michael Staab

Chief Medical Officer


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